Hugo Gagnon Ph.D.

I'm CEO and co-founder of PhenoSwitch Bioscience. Coming from a small town named Riviere-du-Loup, which apparently has one of the most beautiful sunsets, I moved to Sherbrooke to play football and start my biochemistry B.Sc. and Pharmacology (M. Sc.) degrees. I taunted the mass spectrometer during my co-guardianship in Biochemistry (Ph.D. Université de Sherbrooke) and life science (Ph.D. Université Lille 1). Amazed by how mass spectrometry could drive projects, highly inspired by former French colleagues involved in the startup of Imabiotech and looking to do things differently, I jumped with my former Ph.D. mentor into entrepreneurship. I am behind the knowledge and the know-how of innovative LC-MS/MS services offered at PhenoSwitch. Team work, thinking outside the box, project seed driver and a strong willing to make things move forward characterize me. Enjoys sports and manual labor, I am fortunate enough to have a lovely family to bring me back to earth when again I am thinking about Science!

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