PhenoSwitch moved in a brand new lab!

Sometimes, you have to move to go forward..

Well, we were kind of in that situation last year! However, we are very proud to announce that we have been operating our machines in our new space in beautiful Sherbrooke (Quebec, Canada) for almost a year now. With our growing client base and an urgent need for privacy, we needed to find a new home for our TTOF5600 and several new mass spectrometers.

20190117_145947Our new building! 

Being incubated as a biotech startup is absolutely crucial as it gives young companies a place to operate and various degrees of guidance. However, it does come with some restrictions on space, common areas, internal policies on the building, privacy issues, and so on. Therefore, as our growth reached a critical point in the last year or so, we had to make a move and find our own place. We will dearly miss the friends and colleagues we met at the Institut de Pharmacologie and will be forever grateful for their help and support.

Click here to see photos of our move!

New space, new lab, new opportunities

Now, this move is the beginning of a very exciting phase for us! Vital modifications to our work space were made to accommodate several new mass spectrometers. That's right, several!  Ready to meet them? Here we go!

  • LCMS-8060. This instrument from Shimadzu will bring a lot of sensitivity, stability and throughput to our company and was the first of our additional MS.

LC-8060 PhenoSwitch Bioscience

The LC-8060 in all it's glory

  • TripleTOF6600. Yes,TripleTOF-6600-Call-Out-Image_550x800 (1) another TripleTOF from Sciex! This is the big brother of our fierce TripleTOF5600. It has more speed, more resolution and more sensitivity than the previous version and will add a lot of depth and sequencing power to our proteomics workflows.


What our relocation means for our clients

  • More machines. • More machines. Moving in a bigger place opens a world of possibilities, the first being we can now house many more mass spectrometers. We have acquired one new machine from Shimadzu and one from Sciex. The LCMS-8060 from Shimadzu will greatly increase our throughput capabilities. It should also facilitate the transfer from metabolite identification to targeted quantification which will give us a clear edge on the metabolomics market. The addition of a TripleTOF 6600 to our fleet will push our sensibility and quantification power for label-free quantitative proteomics experiments even further. More machines also means we will no longer have down times if one of our machines is offline.
  • Shorter and honored ETAs. Having more machines means an increase in staff. With a bigger team and more machines to process samples, we expect both shorter and respected ETAs as well as more thorough monitoring of projects by our project managers.
  • Overall improvements. With our move into our new labs, we thought it would be a good time for us to review our internal processes and the way we handle everything related to our clients. This is why, for the past months, we have worked on redesigning the client experience. The new process is simpler and more efficient for us and more enjoyable for our clients. As with everything we do at PhenoSwitch, we are constantly working on refining the details to ensure the process is the best it can be for our clients.


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